Love Recession


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Reuben “Big Reub” Johnson


Da Griot, Deshon Beverly Johnson, Reuben “Big Reub” Johnson


Alysia Rogers, Ashley Williams, Carl McDowell, D’Kia Anderson, Deshon Beverly Johnson, Erica Burton, Hayden Hishaw, Jah Shams, Jamie Ann Burke, Jasmine Denise, Jay Tee Thompson, Jerome Caldwell, Kelli Miller, Nneka Goforth, Robert Artz, Samarra Blanson, The Body, Trish Redford, Vincent M. Ward

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  1. unifyable

    Hip new show! Very funny!

  2. unifyable

    Great show… loved every second of it. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    9.0 rating